About the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

History and Practice

The LCMS traces its origin to 750 Saxon immigrants who came to Missouri in 1839 seeking freedom from religious rationalism in Germany. Today, the LCMS has 6,153 congregations throughout the nation and many missionaries around the world.

The word "Synod" comes from the Greek words that mean "walking together," because congregations voluntarily choose to belong to the Synod. LCMS congregations hold to a shared confession of Jesus Christ as taught in Holy Scripture and the teachings of the faith as explained in the Lutheran Confessional writings, The Book of Concord. The practice of our churches is in line with the historic faith and is, generally, liturgical, although worship styles can vary from very traditional to contemporary.

Other Facts about the LCMS

  Emphasis on education: 2 seminaries, 10 universities, 88 high schools, and the largest protestant elementary system.

  Operates the oldest continuously operating radio station in the USA (KFUO � AM)

  Produces Braille scriptures and Christian literature for blind.

  Operates 50 of the 90 deaf congregations in America.

  Over 100 years of ministry serving the African-American community

  Have built and help to maintain a large network of hospitals, nursing homes, human care agencies and adoption agencies.

  LCMS World Relief and Human Care provide all levels of care and assistance around the world.